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Feature Article

What Window Treatment to Use

By John Schofield

Most homeowners are overwhelmed by a great variety of treatments for windows. Whilst your preference is a great factor, you should also consider the suitability of the treatments in relation to the type of window you have. Below are some suggestions as to what treatments can be used for different sizes of windows.

The Big Window

Treatments that are made from fabric are a great choice for big windows. Some of the best examples are curtains, drapes and any treatment with a sheer fabric. However, there are some things that you need to consider. For instance, light fabrics retain less moisture. Thus, sheer fabric is best for big windows in rooms that have high moisture content such as kitchen and bathroom. For large windows in your bedroom, you may want to know heavier materials especially if you are concerned about your privacy. Aside from privacy issues, treatments that are made from sheer fabric may not be good for your big window that faces the sun in most parts of the day. The sun may also speed up the fading of your fabric-made treatment.

Blinds and shades are also a smart choice for big windows. The best choice is horizontal or vertical blinds that are made from bamboo or paper. They are eco-friendly and very efficient since you can easily pull it to open or close. Blinds may not be as elegant as sheer fabric but they still give a cosy look to big windows. Shades on the other hand are the most efficient in filtering light. It is the best option for big windows in bedrooms and living rooms that face the sun. You can choose from cellular shades, plated shades and other types of shades.

The Tiny Window

Blinds can also work with small windows. The best choice is the flat Roman blinds. They can even create an illusion of a bigger window when pulled down. For tiny windows, you should prefer woven or bamboo shades and blinds rather than the ones made from fabric. They will give a better texture to a small window.

Panels are another choice for small windows. It can give a dramatic look. For small windows, you should choose light coloured panels. You may also use panels that are wider than the windows if you want to create an illusion that you have a bigger window.

You may also use stained glass panels as a treatment for your small window. It can definitely give a unique beauty and you will not be covering your window.

Other Options

Valance is another kind of window treatment. It has the privacy and decorative benefits so it is a good choice. There is a wide range of colours and designs for valances. There are fluffy valances for small windows and flat valances for large windows.

You can also opt to use window films. They are a great alternative if you hate the smell of drapes and valances. It is a great choice for small or big windows in the kitchen since it permits light. It is placed over the glass panes so light can still pass through but it gives enough privacy since only shadows will be visible to people outside.

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Sun Feb 1 2015

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